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Back! Been awhile!

2012-04-10 09:36:25 by JZM

Alrighty. I've been away for a really long time now. Been busy with work and sometimes I'm bored as something's missing.

Anyway, the good news is that I'm back drawing and animating again. I think I'll start this year with a Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Fake Horcrux) cartoon then continue doing Auron's Story 2 but I'm not promising anything. I don't wanna jinx it again like last time. I'll take my time doing these 2 cartoons and when they're ready, I'll post it here first then youtube.

To all of those who've been following my work in the past, thanks. I know it has been years but bear with me. Hopefully the wait is worth it for you guys.

Time for me to sign off but till then, here's a deleted clip from Harry Potter and the Fake Horcrux and a new character design pic I made yesterday. Peace!

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New HP flash in the works!

2009-08-02 16:34:26 by JZM

I've watched "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" and decided to make a flash about it. It's been years since I made a HP spoof and this is my comeback hopefully.

I'm experimenting with different illustration styles recently and I am happy on how my HP artwork came out. It's more of an Anime/Genndy Tartakovsky (Dexter's Laboratory, Star Wars: Clone Wars) kind of feel to it. I've always been a fan of Tartakovsky and anime.

(See below for the screenshot of my new project.)

I'm sorry to say this but I have to put Auron's Story 2 on hold. I don't wanna rush it because it deserves to be awesome. I know a lot of you are looking forward to it but be patient. It'll be out and I don't intend to abandon it.

Speaking of abandoning, I think I have to abandon my "The Day The Earth Stood Still" parody. The plot was too long and it became boring after half way through animating it. I don't want my latest submission to be a disaster like my previous batman spoofs. I might post it up somewhere to show you the stuff made. Maybe. Sorry to Ciyfox since she voiced some parts of it and it is a shame to abandon it.

Neways, stay tuned for Harry Potter and the Fake Horcrux. It'll be out soon. it's 50% done actually.

New HP flash in the works!

Animation Update + Art Creation

2009-06-04 05:05:26 by JZM

It's been a while since posting here. Well, It's sad to say that I'm still unemployed. Hahahaha. Been slacking off but still being productive. Until I get a job, I'll be practicing on my photoshop & illustrator skills. Damn global crisis!

Believe or not but I just started using Adobe Illustrator for like 4 months now and I think I've mastered enough. And also honed up my Adobe Photoshop skills as well...w/c started only last month. Been practicing w/ painting mostly. Combine Photoshop + Illustrator, you can get some really neat Art Designs.

Animation Update
Auron's Story Chapter 2 is currently in limbo. I got lazy to finish it but I won't abandon the project. Maybe when I feel like it, it'll be done. Too much artwork was made for it already to just dump it. Sorry for the wait. It'll be done when it is done.

The Day That I Stood Still is currently 30% complete. I think it's the funniest flash parody I've ever made. Hopefully I'll get it done as well.

Art Creation
As for my Art, I've done a lot of stuff lately but I can't upload it all here. Maybe just one about Raiden for MGS4. Check it out. It's a tribute to one of the greatest PS3 games ever made...something to celebrate the announcement of Metal Gear Solid: Rising and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker at E3. If you haven't heard, check it out here.

I think I'll end it here. Keep it real guys and sorry again for the wait. Here's my take on Raiden from MGS4.

Animation Update + Art Creation

Auron's Story 2 Update

2009-05-09 01:40:31 by JZM

A few years back I made Auron's Story CHAPTER 1 and was planning two more...but college got in the way. Now I'm back and the intro for CHAPTER 2 is done. Hopefully the hype is not gone. For those who don't know Auron, he's from the PS2 game Final Fantasy X. If you are familiar with FFX and Auron, then this cartoon would be a blast for fans. :D

I've had many requests from fans about finishing the story and now I've finally finished the scripts for CHAPTER 2 and 3.

Brief Plot
In Chapter 1, the guardians discovered that Auron owed Rin money (Gil in Final Fantasy terms). Chapter 2 starts off where the last one left off. They finally battle Rin's Machina 'cause they don't have money to pay him. Also the debt is finally explained in Auron's Past. Expect Jecht, Braska and young Auron to make an appearance.

Ciyfox, Edwyn and John Zirbes (Perfect Kirby) lend their voices for this flash movie. Anyway, if you haven't watched Auron's Story CHAPTER 1, watch it to understand the plot. I know the graphics, sound aren't great but it was made in 2005 and it was great during that time. I've improved a lot during these years.

Okay, now to the point of this post. My last two animations wasn't well received due to lack of plot and comedy. (The Dark Knight Parody and Batman meets Twoface). Honestly, I thought they were funny when I was making it but it wasn't. Hahaha. I finally understand that now.

I would like to improve on that so I would like to hear some suggestions on that. What do FFX fans want and what do they expect? I'm all ears guys.

Here's a preview pic on what the flash might look like. Thanks.

jerrold zm

Auron's Story 2 Update

Hi guys. If ur a fan of my flash movies, here's a preview of my upcoming flash movie "The Day That I Stood Still". It's not done yet but I wanna show you some frames for your viewing pleasure.

If ur asking "Is this a parody of the 2008 film The Day The Earth Stood Still?" then the answer is yes. And if ur thinking "That movie was out months ago. Why so late?" then my answer would be "It takes time to animate, draw & color". Hahahaha. I started this project back in january after watching Keanu Reeves playing a boring alien - so I decided to base my cartoon on that entirely. Keanu will be boring in my flash with limited he is as an actor w/c, to me, is very funny and somehow cool at the same time...look at the Matrix series. :P

Expect an appearance from Solid Snake & Octacon from the Metal Gear Solid 4 game, Darth Vader from Star Wars & Rorschach from the movie Watchmen. Don't ask me why but you'll get it when u watch it. Hopefully by the end of this month or the next.

Here's some sample shots of my upcoming flash cartoon, "The Day That I Stood Still". It's a parody of the 2008 movie The Day The Earth Stood Still. Animation & Graphics by me. Voices by Ciyfox, Stephen James Ryder & myself. Seeya!

New Flash Project = The Day That I Stood Still

Batman Meets Twoface Released!!!

2009-01-16 07:03:54 by JZM

Hi guys! To those who read this and are fans of work, my new flash movie is out. Titled "Batman Meets Twoface". Its another parody of "The Dark Knight". This time its about Twoface.

If you are wondering "HWAT!? another Dark Knight parody? the last one sucked and he made a sequel! this is gonna suck more!", well this is a different one. this has lots of humor and hopefully people will find it funnier than the last one. i read all yer comments on "The Dark Knight Parody" and this is the end result. Thenx to those comments folks!

Please support my new submission and by the way, Auron's Story CHAPTER 2 is still in progress. If ya wanna know about Auron's Story 2, read my previous posts. thenx! i love newgrounds!

jerrold zm

Auron's Story CHAPTER 2 preview!

2009-01-12 22:11:35 by JZM

a lot of people think dat i've abandoned the sequel to my previous submission "Auron's Story CHAPTER 1". Well here's a preview of CHAPTER 2. Thenx for the support and watch out for "Batman Meets Twoface" out this week! :D

Auron's Story CHAPTER 2 preview!

New Projects for 2009!!!

2009-01-12 00:33:35 by JZM

Hi guys. I'm into several projects since I graduated from college. Here are the following:

Auron's Story CHAPTER 2
> It's about 20% complete. I worked alot on the intro to make it exciting, funny and cool at the same time. John Zirbes (one of the guys who made Perfect Kirby) is lending his voice as Auron so its gonna be a cool project. Thenx John!

The Day I Stood Still
> it's a parody of the remake movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still". I just found out that a lot of people hate the movie...comparing it to old version...but i kinda liked it. I mean c'mon! It's Keanu Reeves. hehehe. I love his robot-like-acting in his movies so i'll make fun of dat. watch klaatu (Keanu in the movie) as he comes from space to exterminate the humans w/ nano-robots and shiny spheres...and oh did i mention the lesson in the movie is about environmental damage? man i must make fun of dat shit. hahaha.

Batman meet Twoface
> this one is done. i'll be uploading it soon. due to the disappointed viewers of my recent movie "The Dark Knight Parody", i made this one in response. i listened to the critics and i promise you this one is funnier. its still random but i just love random comedy. hehehe. here's a pic. This will be my last Batman parody so just bear w/ me. :D

hope this year is gonna be a good one...i'm thinking of finding a job using my flash knowledge. wish me luck guys. Batman meets Twoface will be out this week. (Jan 16). seeya

jerrold zm

New Projects for 2009!!!

The Dark Knight Parody is out....

2008-08-25 08:20:18 by JZM

My newest flash movie is out. check it out! It's a random flick about the dark knight...hehehehe. seeya.

The Dark Knight Parody is out....

thats right. i've done making the "dark knight" parody. it coming out this week. hope you guys will like it. and oh yeah, the sequel to the dark knight is almost done too. hahahaha. expect 3 flash movies this month. this is to cope up with my absence from newgrounds for a year. hehehe. support my flash movie pls. thenx. i'll upload a pic preview later.