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Back! Been awhile!

2012-04-10 09:36:25 by JZM

Alrighty. I've been away for a really long time now. Been busy with work and sometimes I'm bored as something's missing.

Anyway, the good news is that I'm back drawing and animating again. I think I'll start this year with a Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Fake Horcrux) cartoon then continue doing Auron's Story 2 but I'm not promising anything. I don't wanna jinx it again like last time. I'll take my time doing these 2 cartoons and when they're ready, I'll post it here first then youtube.

To all of those who've been following my work in the past, thanks. I know it has been years but bear with me. Hopefully the wait is worth it for you guys.

Time for me to sign off but till then, here's a deleted clip from Harry Potter and the Fake Horcrux and a new character design pic I made yesterday. Peace!

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2015-05-07 18:42:30

wow, this post would really make my day if it would be updated with an actual movie of ''harry potter and the fake horcrux'', and the sequel to ''auron's story''.

dear lord, why noone commented on this? you are one of THE best artists in NG, in my opinion, and on of the funniest, for sure.

i for one, would love to see more of yoru HP/final fantasy parodies, they were great!
i still watch them sometimes.
also many of my friends, both irl and on NG like your stuff, so its not just me or anything, you've got a big audience, pal!

anyways, if anything i hope that you are well, and happy, whatever that you do now.
be well, and have a great life!

JZM responds:

Hehe. Sorry buddy. Been busy with work so I'm not as active in Newgrounds as I used to.

But thanks for the compliments. It means a lot and I appreciate the support.

Neways, they are coming (Auron's Story 2 & Harry Potter & The Fake Horcrux) but I can't promise any dates.

I will announce them here on my page when they're done so stay tuned. Thanks again.